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The collaborative customer-supplier platform for successful decarbonization of Purchasing.

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Carbon Competitiveness® is a virtuous circle

Your Carbon Competitiveness depends on that of your suppliers, and impacts that of your customers.


Involve your suppliers in decarbonizing your Purchases


Automatically send emission factor requests to your suppliers.


You have a private dash board to track their commitment.


Automatic integration of results over time into your Scope 3 calculations.


Export calculated or received PCFs to your own IS.



Your suppliers can calculate the Carbon Weight® of their products and services free of charge.


Your suppliers can calculate their Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) online, free of charge.


They track your requests via a private dashboard.


They can in turn enlist their suppliers to improve the calculation accuracy of their PCFs.


Application of the ISO 14 067 standard guarantees a solid, international methodology that can be relied on by third parties.


Improve your Carbon Competitiveness® through positive carbon discrimination.


Qualify your suppliers in terms of their ability to provide the Carbon Weight of their products and services.


By selecting products and services with the lowest emission factors, you can significantly reduce your own emissions.


Engage in true positive carbon discrimination in your company's purchasing policy.

Carbon offset projects

Don't forget!

"The upstream carbon of one is always the downstream carbon of the other"

Buyers, your company's low-carbon path is in your hands.

"Between 60% and 90% of the potential for reducing GHG emissions lies in Purchasing".


Patrice Celerier, Purchasing Director of the Schmidt Group, explains in detail how he implemented his Carbon Competitiveness approach.

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